Stephen F. Austin High School

Yearbook - The Comet

Seniors, please take a minute to fill out the following google doc to vote for this year's senior superlatives.

A yearbook can be purchased one of three ways:
  1. Come up to room 335 and talk to Ms. Weber or any of our senior editors, and place an order with cash or check and fill out an order form.
  2. Order online at with a credit or debit card. Personalization options can only be purchased online.
  3. Mail the yearbook order form below with payment to: 
Jena Weber, Comet Yearbook Advisor
Stephen F. Austin High School - Room #335
1715 W Cesar Chavez
Austin, TX 78703
Yearbooks are now $65. The price of the book increases to $70 after Back to School Night on Sept. 7, 2016.
Buy your yearbook or senior ad online at
Senior ads can also be purchased in one of the three options listed above. Pricing will vary depending on time of purchase and the size of the ad(s) purchased. No orders will be accepted after January 13, 2017. 
Senior ads must be approved by the senior editing staff of the Comet Yearbook. Style guidelines are set to coordinate with the book’s yearly theme to maintain a cohesive style. The managing editor and Senior Ad manager design all ads and will be sent for approval through email. If you are interested in collaborating with us to design a senior ad, please email us at, and a meeting can be set up between yourself and our senior ad manager or another senior member of our staff. If you would like to design your own ad, we can send you a sample of our guidelines.
Please email for any questions about yearbook or senior ad orders.
To see pricing and size options along with deadlines, please view the yearbook and senior ad order form below.


If you were unable to attend a senior portrait sitting at Austin High on September 7, 8 or 9, you can sign-up for a make-up session on Tuesday, Oct. 25. If you had your portraits taken already, but would like retakes, you must contact 1st Photo Texas at 512.610.9990 to schedule an appointment at their studio. 

The portrait session includes two different looks. One is a formal outfit of your choice. A coat and tie will be available for men. The second is the traditional cap and gown. We will provide these. 

Sign up for your session here: 

If you aren't able to attend a free senior portrait sitting in room 335, visit 1st Photo Texas at to book a session in the studio for a small fee. Photos will include a cap and gown look and a formal look. Senior portraits must be taken by Dec. 9, 2016. 


Retakes will be offered on October 12. If you are unable to have your portrait taken on those dates or need to order portraits, please contact 1st Photo Texas at or call them at 512.610.9990.

Yearbook and Senior Ad order form