Stephen F. Austin High School


Innovation Lab!

The innovation lab at Austin High School provides enrichment opportunities for our students. Students can elect to work on an independent research project in our new think space lab. In addition to pursuing individual passion projects, students can also collaborate with their class and small groups.The new lab spaces boasts flexible learning furniture to meet the needs of any type of small group setting.

Focusing on 21st century learning skills and multimodal literacies students will engage in the following:

  • Research methodology
  • Professional communications & conduct
  • Project management & evaluation
  • Advocacy, both socially & academically
  • Innovative questioning & critical thinking skills


  • Field Trips
  • Field experts visits on site, in person, and over Skype
  • Build portfolio of work
  • Explore interests and passions with community resources

Student Showcase

In May, the innovation lab will host a student showcase that allows students to share their independent learning project(s) and the “why” of their decisions and outcomes with members of our community, staff, and invited guests. 

Innovation Lab FAQs

Can anyone come to iLab?

  • In order to participate in the iLab you must attend orientation. A teacher can nominate students or you may nominate yourself. Click on the link to access the form. Sign up for a FIT session to complete orientation.

I am a student, how do I visit the iLab?

  • Once you have attended orientation through a FIT session, complete the ABOUT ME survey. Once you have completed the survey and attend orientation you will receive a sticker for your school i.d.which counts as your badge and your name will be placed on a googledoc form that your teachers can access. Once all of your work is complete to your teacher’s satisfaction you may politely ask for a pass to the iLab. 

I am a teacher, how do I visit the iLab?

  • Ms.Salazar and Ms.Stewart enjoy working with whole classes and sharing new resources to create innovative student centered projects. The more advanced notice, the better. Teachers can email Ms. Salazar to set up a time to discuss their project needs and check the availability of the iLab.

Once I am at the iLab, what do I do?

  • Use the google sign in/out form. See Ms. Salazar to discuss your project and resources needed.

My students are working on a group project and I think they would benefit from getting help in the iLab, can they come?

  • Teachers please work with Ms. Salazar ahead of time to discuss the project and to best serve the needs of our students. Many teachers have partnered with Ms. Salazar for instructional resources and those students can receive a temporary group pass. 

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