Stephen F. Austin High School

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Verification of Enrollment and Attendance (VOE)

The VOE is a form required by Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS)  to provide official documentation of a student's enrollment and attendance status when applying for an instruction permit or driver license to operate a motor vehicle.  The DPS requires VOEs with original signatures.

Requests for VOEs may be made in person at the Austin High Administrative Offices or using this online form.  

  • Please allow 24 hours for the VOE to be processed.
  • VOEs may be picked up at the office M-F, 8:00-4:30

At Austin High, our PEIMS Clerk, Vanessa Estrada, handles all VOE requests.  Contact Vanessa at (512) 414-7217 or

Transcript Request

Please contact the Registrars for information on Transcripts.

Liz Nichols, 414-7218 Transcript Data Entry, Credit Verification, Rank/GPA

Pam Teinert, 414-7216 Registration/Enrollment, Transcripts, Employment Verficiations

For more information click here.

Hourse for new student registration are from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. each day.  A prospective student or parent may come by the registrar's office and pick up an enrollment packet any time during the day, but actual registration hours are in the mornings only.

Final Exam Waiver Information

Final Exam Waivers are available for Juniors and Seniors. See the first floor AP office or your teacher for information about waivers and to get a copy of the form.

General Criteria to qualify:

  • 85% average or higher by Monday, December 7th
  • No more than 3 absences. Only SCH, MED or Religious codes are accepted
  • 3 Tardies count as one absence for waiver purposes only
  • Only available to juniors and seniors
  • Alternative project required. Attendance on exam day required


All students parking on campus must have an Austin High parking permit and must park in designated student parking areas. Parking permits cost $15 and are issued by Ms. Estrada in the main office in the 2nd floor. The student must complete a parking permit application and present both a valid driver's license and proof of insurance (the student's name must be on the proof of insurance).

The school has a parking attendant who is responsible for issuing tickets and applying parking boots (for repeated violaters). Fines are as follows:

  • 1st Violation - $15
  • 2nd Violation - $25
  • 3rd Violation - $35
  • 4th Violation - $50
  • Repeated violations beyond 4 - Vehicle is immobilized by a parking boot. The fine is $50 to remove the boot.

Tickets must be paid promptly otherwise parking privileges may be revoked. Other campus privileges may be revoked as well. Repeated or serious violations may also result in discipline consequences such as Saturday School, ISS, etc.

Schedule Changes

We cannot overemphasize the importance of choosing your classes wisely. Talk with each of your core teachers (math, science, social studies, and english) as well as your elective teachers and ask them what classes you should take next year. Be sure to talk this over carefully with your parents and your counselor.

Creating 8 classes for approximately 2000 students is not easy. We try to accomodate all requests based on students' and parents' desires together with the knowledge of what core classes each student needs to graduate. It is virtually impossible to give each student what he or she wants every time, but we do are best to minimize scheduling conflicts thereby producing the best possible schedule for each student.


  • Look it over carefully. If there is a problem, it is imperative that you come up to school on the appropriate day in early August. The dates and times are included with the schedule mail-out during the summer. At that time, you can meet with you counselor to see if your change request can be accomodated.
  • Changes to schedules will only be made for the following reasons:
    • Corrections of clerical errors in course data entry
    • Resolution of course conflicts
    • Removal of courses for which the student has already earned credit
    • Corrections due to missing prerequisites
    • Level changes between Pre-AP/Grade-Level or AP/Grade-Level
    • For seniors, addition of any courses not already taken which are required for graduation
  • After the dates in August set aside for change you will be expected to follow the schedule that you are handed in advisory on the first day of school.


It is very likely your schedule change will not be possible. Once all of our teachers are scheduled to classes, it will be difficult to find space in those classes for new students. Additionally, changes will only be made for the reasons noted above. ALWAYS CHOOSE YOUR SCHEDULE VERY CAREFULLY!!

Follow the schedule handed to you on the first day of school. If there is a problem, you may sign up between classes to see your counselor. The counselors will work first to fix students' schedules with missing classes (holes in their schedules) and will then proceed to call in other students (in the order in which the students signed up).

Call or email your counselor if you have any questions or concerns.

Off Period Request

Student IDs

Students are issued a school ID at the beginning of the school year. New students must have their picture taken. Previous students will find that their IDs contains the images from their previous school pictures.

Replacement IDs: If an ID is lost or stolen, a replacement may be obtained in the AP office on the first floor. The cost of the replacement is $3.  


Textbooks are distributed at the beginning of each school year. Each class has a "reservation" day and time during which the students go to the bookroom together to check out books. For students that do not get their textbooks before school starts, there are limited opportunities to get textbooks during the school year. These times, usually before or after school or at lunch, will be announced. To avoid getting behind in one's studies, it is strongly recommended that textbooks be acquired with the corresonding class at the beginning of the school year. The student is financially responsible for his or her textbooks and should keep them in his or her possession, at home, or locked away at all times. If a book needs to be replaced, the student and parent are responsible for the cost of the original book. Until such time as the obligation is taken care of, the student may not be allowed to check out other textbooks, check out library books, buy prom tickets, or obtain a parking permit. If you lose a book and need to pay for it, come to the assistant principal's office.


Each teacher has tutoring times available. To seek help from a teacher, please consult the teacher's syllabus or contact the teacher directly to determine when tutoring is available.