Stephen F. Austin High School

Code of Conduct

Student/Parent Handbook

The Austin HS 2017-2018 Student Handbook has been posted online in English.  The AISD Code of Conduct will not be printed this year.


PROCEDURE AFTER ABSENCE: When absent for sickness or medical reasons, it is very important for the student to bring an appropriate note from a parent or doctor's office in order to excuse the absence. This note, per District policy, must be provided to the attendance clerk in the main office within 48 hours upon the student's return. Failure to do so will result in the absence being coded as unexcused. Unexcused absence can lead to loss of credit in one or more classes (below). Parents may also email the Attendance Clear, Patty Ballin ( You may also call Ms. Ballin with any attendance related questions at 414-7214. If notes are not received within two days of return to school, the absence will remain unexcused. Phone calls are not necessary and do not excuse an absence. Notes may be faxed to 414-7254. Remember to always include: Student name, student ID number, grade level, date of absence, reason for the absence, parent signature, and phone number.

SCHEDULED ABSENCES: Please send your student with a note. Have your student bring the note to the Attendance Office to get a Check Out Pass. Your student may leave school and meet you outside ONLY if he/she has a pass. If you do not send your student with a note for a pass you will need to sign him/her out in the Attendance Office (2nd floor office). Phone calls for student pick up are not accepted.

COLLEGE VISITS: Juniors & Seniors can take 2 excused absences to visit colleges outside of Austin each year (up to 4 total). Upon their return to school, students should bring a parent note as well as a brochure, plane ticket, or other relevant evidence to verify the visit.

EXCESSIVE ABSENCES (LOSS OF COURSE CREDIT): State Law requires that students be present 90% of the time for a student to receive course credit. On the block schedule, this translates into a student losing credit when the stdent has 3 or more absences in a semester. When this happens, the student should immediately see his or her assistant principal to make arrangements to make up the absences and restore credit. Except under rare circumstances, the assistant principal will assign Saturday School to make up the absences and require that the student stop being absent. When a student received no credit due to absences, the class is said to have an "NC."

QUESTIONS: Student should be sure to see their assistant principal or attendance office to get an accurate count of their absences to set up plans or getting excessive absences (NCs) made up.


Tardy Policy: Students need to be in class on time. Students are not considered tardy if they are inside the classroom when the bell rings. Teachers are to write a pass for students detained in the classroom after the bell rings to release students. If a student arrives late to class without a pass, the student will be documented via the electronic grade book. Upon the third tardy (and beyond) in a six weeks, the tardy manager for the campus will assign the student to a lunch detention. The students that are unable or unwilling to attend lunch detention will be assigned Saturday School.

Assistant Principal may assign multiple consequences including ISS or home suspension if a student acquires a large number of tardies, whose behavior does not improve, or for a student that fails to attend Saturday School after being assigned.

Saturday School

Saturday School serves more than one purpose. It serves as a penalty for tardies and other behaviors. It also serves as a way for student to make up absences and clear credits held due to absences (NCs). If you are attending for this reason, be sure to sign in on the correct form and check the "NC Clearance" block on the sign-in sheet. Students that are part of the SPARC (formally DELTA) program may serve their time in the SPARC (formally DELTA) Lab.

A student may attend Saturday school a maximum of 5 times per semester in order to make up absences. Saturday begins at 8:00am and ends at noon. If you are assigned or need to attend, please do not be late. You will not be admitted.

Community service is NOT ACCEPTED to make up absences. All time made up must be done at school.

Dress Code

Austin High students, faculty, and staff are to present themselves in an appropriate manner which is conducive to a productive educational environment. Administration has the final authority about dress code compliance.

Students must wear appropriate shoes and combinations of shirts, tops, pants, shorts, dresses, or skirts which are appropriate and do not disrupt the educational process.

In accordance with campus and district policies, students may not wear:

  • Improperly fitting clothing; baggy pants, overly tight clothes, or clothes that expose body parts or undergarments
  • Halter tops, tank tops, bare midriffs, low cut necklines, strapless or backless tops, spaghetti straps, sheer or see-through clothing
  • Skirts or shorts that are short enough to be distracting. All clothing must reach the tips of the fingers when the arm is extended to the side
  • Boxer shorts or athletics shorts worn outside of physical education
  • Undergarments, pajamas or other clothing not designed to be worn as an outer garment
  • Slippers
  • Gang associated clothing or colors (as determined by campus administration/SRO)
  • Emblems or writings that are obscene or that may reasonably be expected to cause a disruption of or interfere with normal school operations
  • Clothing advertising, condoning, depicting, or promoting the use of alcohol, tobacco, controlled substance, violence, or displaying vulgar, or suggestive language
  • Clothing or items that promote discrimination or intolerance of any group based on race, religion, or sexual orientation
  • Accessories, which are weapon-like, such as metal-studded collars and arm/wristbands
  • Any item with graffiti including of backpacks and other items on the student's personage


There are four consequence options available to administrator: Saturday School, In-School Suspension (ISS) including long-term ISS, Home Suspension, and removal to the Alternative Learning Center. The consequence is assigned based on many factors including the type of offense, the student's prior discipline history (current year only), and whether the student complies with the initial consequence. Refusal to abide by the consequence forces the administrator to assign the next higher consequence. Certain offenses (drugs, alcohol, assault with injury, terroristic threat, etc.) are offenses that require a discipline conference (due process hearing). In such cases, if the campus "reasonably believes" the offense occurred, it must remove the student to the ALC.

  • Saturday School: Serves more than one purpose. It serves as a penalty for tardiness and other behaviors. It also serves as a way for student to make up absences and clear credits held due to absences (NCs). An NC is a course that a student is not receiving credit in due to absences. Generally this means that the student has more than four absences in the class. Saturday begins at 8:00am and ends at noon. If you are assigned or need to attend, please do not be late. You will not be admitted.

  • In-School Suspension (ISS): When a student is assigned ISS, he or she spends part or all of the day in one small classroom. Teachers send the student's assignments to ISS, and the student does his or her work there. It is a penalty in that the student has to work quietly and does not get to enjoy the interaction that he or she would normally have with friends. We do understand that this option removes the student from the classroom and do our best to try and minimize any disruption to the student's education. Please call the appropriate assistant principal if you have any questions.
  • Home Suspension: Sometimes it is necessary to suspend a student. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, the offense is so severe that we have no other option. Other times, it's because the student has refused a lesser form of punishment. Many times, it's because other forms of discipline have been used with little or no change in the student's behavior. Like ISS, this is not something that we take lightly. We do not like sending a student home, but we do strongly believe that in some circumstances it is necessary. Serious infractions such as fighting, assault, drug possession/consumption, etc require suspension. Many of these infractions will be followed with a discipline conference that may require the student to be placed at the AISD's Alternative Learning Center (ALC). When a student is suspended, he or she is entitled to make up all work without penalty. On the main page for Austin High, there is a link for staff. Please follow it and contact the appropriate teacher via email or phone to help avoid getting behind. Please call the appropriate assistant principal if you have any questions.
  • Alternative Learning Center (ALC):