Stephen F. Austin High School

Traffic Routes

Parent Drop Off/Pick Up Location

 **West Side of Campus only **

No parent drop off or pick up on the east side of campus. East side of campus is reserved for buses only. No parking allowed under Cesar Chavez bridge.

West side drop off/pick up directions:

  1. Enter staff parking lot and merge left into designated drop off/pick up lanes indicated with stripes in the picture below.
  2. Always pull forward while waiting.
  3. Do not stop in the center lane. The center lane is designated for continuous flow. 
  4. Always stop for pedestrians crossing the cross walk.

Proposed Turn Lane Improvements

Due to congestion on Stephen F. Blvd during drop off and pick up times, the City of Austin is partnering with AISD and Austin High to create turn lanes into the west side entrance. The improvements were designed to help the flow of traffic. Restriping of Stephen F. Blvd will begin this fall. More information will be sent to parents and students through the Maroon Update. 


Alternative Routes to Austin High

Traffic around Austin High and the urban core of Austin is congested (pointing out the obvious here), so we encourage you to consider alternative routes to Austin High (and it’s good for the environment). Students - talk your friends into joining you and make it fun:

  • Take the yellow dog! AISD School Bus Finder link: 
  • Carpooling with neighbors. Have you tried the Next Door app or Booster Club email lists? It works! Try the tagline: “Carpooling: Austin High School?
  • Walking or Biking is an excellent way to stay fit and help the environment. The City of Austin and Austin High have provided a “Walk & Bike Map” outlining safe bike and sidewalk routes to Austin High School. Check out the B-cycle Stations at
  •  Take a City Bus! CapMetro planner:  CapMetro routes:
  • Walk the MoPac Bridge! For families traveling from South Austin, drop your child on the south side of the MoPac foot bridge. It’s a safe and scenic option.