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What We Do...

  • College Counselors
  • Financial Aid Saturdays
  • Scholarship Coordinator (Miller)
  • UT Outreach
  • College Fair Contacts
  • Rotary Club - Senior Appreciation
  • ACC-AISD Connection
  • National Hispanic Institute
  • Breakthrough
  • APIE
  • Naviance Site Management
  • Communications and Publications (Miller)
  • ECS Liason
  • ACC Dual Credit Liason
  • Con Mi Madre
  • NCAA
  • Alumni Panel
  • College MAP Program

Junior Senior Checklist

Here is a great checklist of steps you should take throughout your junior and senior year. Print it out and mark off each milestone on your pathway to college!

College Visit Schedule

  • College Reps please schedule here
  • College sessions at AHS are posted online under "about college" in Naviance. Click on "View all upcoming college visits."
  • Junior and Senior students must sign up online in order to attend. Then, they show their confirmation page as a pass, giving it to their teacher who must sign it in order for them to be excused from class to attend the college visit.
  • Most visits are held in the College & Career Center on the 2nd floor in the Science Wing.

ACT and SAT Test Dates 2016-2017

Date of Test Test Register By Scores by: Web Scores by: Mail
Sep. 10, 2016 ACT Aug. 5 (8/19 with late fee)  Sep. 26  Oct. 1
Oct. 1, 2016 SAT & SAT Subject Sep. 1 (9/20 with late fee) Oct. 27  Nov. 5 
Oct. 22, 2016 ACT Sep. 16 (9/16 with late fee) Nov. 7  Nov. 12 
Nov. 5, 2016 SAT & SAT Subject Oct. 7 (10/25 with late fee) Nov. 29  Dec. 8 
Dec. 3, 1016 SAT & SAT Subject Nov. 3 (11/22 with late fee) Dec. 23  Jan. 2 
Dec. 10., 2016 ACT Nov. 4 (11/18 with late fee) Dec. 26  Dec. 31 
Jan. 21, 2017 SAT & SAT Subject Dec. 21 (1/10 with late fee) Feb. 9  Feb. 18 
Feb. 11, 2017 ACT Jan. 13 (1/20 with late fee) Feb. 27  Mar. 4 
Mar. 11, 2017 SAT Only Feb. 10 (2/28 with late fee) Mar. 30  Apr. 8 
Apr. 8, 2017 ACT Mar. 3 (3/17 with late fee) Apr. 24  Apr. 29 
May 6, 2017 SAT & SAT Subject Apr. 7 (4/25 with late fee) May 25  Jun. 3 
Jun. 3, 2017 SAT & SAT Subject May 9 (5/24 with late fee) Jun. 22  Jul. 1 
Jun. 10, 2017 ACT May 5 (5/19 with late fee) Jun. 26  Jul. 1 

Paper Copy available


  • If you qualify for a fee waiver for the test (if you qualify for free or reduced lunch) please visit the college & career center counselors for a test fee waiver. Remember by paying with a fee waiver, you also get application fee waivers (up to 8 total).
  • You register for these exams online.  The tests are offered here at Austin High and surrounding schools.  They are all on Saturdays.  SAT HERE ACT HERE
  • Austin High has free online test prep as well here: Use the passcode: austin2 and More Than A Teacher offers classroom based courses here as well, for both exams, they do cost.
  • You should try to test no later than the October tests if you applying to 4 year colleges, becuase many have early deadlines for admissions and scholarships.
  • You should take the writing for one at least of the tests, at least once.  Both offer the writing as "optional".  Some colleges require it, some do not.  It is your responsibility to find that out from the colleges you are applying to.
  • Remember that you are responsible for sending these test scores to the colleges you apply to, directly from the testing agencies site.  

Senior Scholarship

All Scholarships (there are hundreds listed) can be found on Naviance.  Students Log on, click on the college tab, and then click on scholarship list.  All of the applications, criteria, and due dates are listed for each individual one.  There is a spreadsheet attached that I have created to help you organize the scholarships that are due between now and the end of May.

Austin Community Foundation will be offering the following scholarships specifically for Austin High Seniors this year, and all of these require applications online by April 15.  See this link for qualifications and here to apply for the following scholarships.

  • AHS Michael Scott Malone Memorial Fund (2 Awarded)
  • AHS Joe Gault Memorial Scholarship Fund (1 Awarded)
  • AHS Andrew Pickett Mobley Scholarship Fund (1 Awarded)
  • AHS Class of '66 Scholarship Committee Fund (1 Awarded)
  • AHS Andrew Alsup Memorial Endowment Scholarship (5-6 Awarded)
  • AHS Jim Frederick Scholarship Fund (1 Awarded)
  • AHS Eldridge and Birdie L. Moore Scholarship (1 Awarded)
  • AHS Kristen E. Murphy Scholarship Endowment (1 Awarded)
  • AHS Lauren Hoffman Memorial Scholarship (1 Awarded)
  • AHS Class of 1949 Scholarship Fund (1 Awarded)
  • AHS Carson Starkey Memorial Scholarship (1 Awarded)
  • AISD Denius Endowed Scholarship for SFA-HS (1 Awarded)
  • AHS Kiwanis Club Scholarship (1 Awarded)
  • AHS Jamie Goode Scholarship (1 Awarded)
  • AHS Alyssa Rose Hefley Memorial Scholarship (1 Awarded)

All ACF scholarships will be available through a brand new online application.  Students should apply using this link:

Austin Community College also has a full tuition and fee scholarships for one Austin High Senior who will be completing an Associate Degree at ACC.  See here: 


We are pleased to introduce Family Connection from Naviance, a web-based service designed especially for students and parents. Family Connection can help in making decisions about colleges and is used extensively by the counselor's office in helping students prepare for and apply for admission to colleges and other post-secondary opportunities.

Naviance How to Videos 

Juniors & Seniors: How to sign up for and attend the college visits at Austin High

College Application Process for Seniors

Seniors: How to manage your college applications in Naviance 

Seniors: How to request letters of recommendation in Naviance

Dual Credit and Early College Start

College for Undocumented Students

Highlights from the College Center


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