Stephen F. Austin High School

Honored Faculty

The following master teachers and outstanding administrators were honored after their retirement, and a plaque for each is displayed permanently in the Hall of Honor.  Each person so honored received the Gold Medallion of the Hall of Honor.

Mary Adkins  Teacher of English 1942-1982  (Inducted 1983)

Lipscomb Anderson  Dean and Principal 1949-1964  (Inducted 1993)

Roy Bartlett Teacher of Photography 1973-2007  (Inducted 2009)

Guy Bizzell  Teacher of English and Speech 1938-1953  (Inducted 1993)

Edna Boon  Teacher of Biology 1945-1970  (Inducted 1982)

Elizabeth Brady  Orchestra Director 1988-2000  (Inducted 2015)

Florence Ralston Brooke  Teacher of English 1913-1942  (Inducted 1981)

Elton Toney Burger  Head Basketball and Baseball Coach 1938-1953  (Inducted 1984)

James R. Burton  Teacher of Spanish, English, and Drama 1929-1942  (Inducted 1994)

Margaret Cadwallader  Teacher of Biology 1946-1978  (Inducted 1981)

Bertha Casey (Class of 1921)  Teacher of English and Latin 1928-1952  (Inducted 1986)

Leyla Cohlmia Teacher of Science and Department Chairperson 1977-2013  (Inducted 2016)

Weldon Covington  Band Director 1931-1953  (Inducted 1981)

Melba Cox  Teacher, Coach, and Mentor 1962-1983  (Inducted 1996)

Alice Marshall Davis (Class of 1960)  Teacher of Social Studies 1976-1978, 1981-2005  (Inducted 2008)

Virginia Decherd Choir Director 1945-1967  (Inducted 2015)

Robert Enos  Principal 1986-1993  (Inducted 2002)

Effie Graves  Teacher of English 1900-1944  (Inducted 1995)

Mary Tanner Gray  Teacher of English 1953-1961  (Inducted 1994)

Bee Grissom  Teacher of Mathematics and Activity Advisor 1928-1942  (Inducted 1986)

Mineola Grumbles (Class of 1929)  Teacher of English 1961- 1971  (Inducted 2001)

Jack Hadsell Teacher of Drivers Education 1956-1980  (Inducted 2004)

Laginia Hale  Teacher, Coach, and Counselor 1959-1968  (Inducted 1995)

Alice Harrison (Class of 1900)Librarian 1912-1947  (Inducted 1987)

Corinne Herndon Teacher of Physical Education, Tennis Coach, and Red Jacket Sponsor 1946-1978  (Inducted 1991)

Helen Hill  Teacher of Latin 1919-1957  (Inducted 2002)

Gaylord Humberger  Counselor and Friend 1975-1990  (Inducted 1991)

Mary Belle Granger James (Class Of 1920)  Teacher of English, Comet Advisor, and first AISD Counselor 1927-1947  (Inducted 1988)

Marguerite Jarrell Teacher of Art 1956-1965  (Inducted 2012)

Roland H. Johnson, Jr. Teacher of American History  1956-1961; Dean of Boys 1961-1965  (Inducted 2013)

C. Standard “Stan” Lambert  Head Football Coach 1936-1947  (Inducted 1980)

Anthony Albert Macaluso  Tennis Coach/Civics Teacher 1954-1981  (Inducted 1997)

Sam L. Martin  Teacher of Vocational Education and Supervisor, Coach, and Principal of the Evening School 1922-1961  (Inducted 1992)

Mildred Pickle Mayhall, Ed. D.  Teacher of Social Studies 1956-1978  (Inducted 1985)

Julia Mellenbruch  Foreign Language Teacher 1961-1974  (Inducted 1991)

Rosemary Morrow, Ph. D.  Teacher of Social Studies, Junior Historian Club and Hall of Honor Sponsor 1975-1997  (Inducted 2011)

I. I. Nelson, Ed.D.  Teacher of Mathematics and “Father of Austin High Athletics" 1912-1920  (Inducted 1989)

Frances Nesmith, Ed. D.  Teacher of Social Studies and Junior Historian Club Sponsor 1958-1967  (Inducted 1989)

Elizabeth Newell  Teacher of Science 1965-2003  (Inducted 2006)

Roosevelt Nivens  Teacher of Physical Education 1985-2004  (Inducted 2006)

Naomi Norton  Teacher of Speech and Drama 1945-1954  (Inducted 2004)

James Edwin Pearce  Principal 1895-1917  (Inducted 1981)

Mabel Pitts  First Teacher Director of Child Development Lab 1949-1970  (Inducted 1984)

Larry D. Preas  Director of Theatre Arts 1982-1992  (Inducted 2011)

Maurice Price  Teacher of English 1956-1978  (Inducted 1985)

Betty Love Rugeley Price Teacher of Physical Education and Red Jacket Sponsor 1936-1941  (Inducted 2000)

Pauline Pritchett (Class of 1932)  Master Teacher of English 1973-1984  (Inducted 2001)

Joe Ramirez AISD Social Studies Teacher/Specialist 1984-2012, Hall of Honor Sponsor (Inducted 2017)

Eloise Roach Teacher of Foreign Language 1935-1963  (Inducted 2000)

W. R. Robbins  Principal 1965-1975  (Inducted 1981)

LaFalco “Corkey” Robinson  Director of Band and Orchestra 1961-1988  (Inducted 1996)

Brian W. Schenk  Visionary, Teacher of Social Studies 1975-1998  (Inducted 1999)

Georgiana Sims  Teacher of English, Speech, and Forensics Sponsor 1967-1974  (Inducted 1988)

Vernice Smith Teacher of English 1967-1985  (Inducted 1997)

Booker T. Snell  Teacher of Social Studies and Human Relations Committee Advisor 1973-1987  (Inducted 1990)

Florence Thompson  Teacher of Homemaking Education 1963-1984  (Inducted 1990)

James “Big Jim” Tolbert  Teacher, Head Football Coach and Associate Principal 1950-1978  (Inducted 1983)

Steve Warren (Class of 1965)  Teacher of English and Tennis Coach 1982-2000  (Inducted 2003)

Clara Weisser  Teacher of Chemistry 1939-1972  (Inducted 1987)

Berry M. Whitaker  Football Coach 1914-1916  (Inducted 1998)

Novella Wiley  Teacher of Latin and English 1969-1984  (Inducted 2005)

Mabel Crayton Williams  Counselor 1975-1990  (Inducted 1998)

Harvey Williams (Class of 1917)  Teacher of Industrial Arts and Assistant Principal 1920-1946  (Inducted 2007)

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