Stephen F. Austin High School

Hall of Honor

The Austin High School Hall of Honor is currently located in the Austin High Performing Arts Center (PAC) at the east end of campus. How the Hall of Honor Began.

Hall of Honor Nominations Process

Each year the Steering Committee recognizes one or two Honored Faculty and one or two Distinguished Alumni.

Nominations can be received until the end of December from any alumni who have knowledge of:

  1. an alumnus who has led a life of merit that brings credit to the story of Austin High. Such persons are elected on merit.

  2. a teacher or administrator who stood above the rest and deserves – even after the passage of years – our recognition.

Interested persons may send a Letter of Nomination by email, letter, or online submission. More information below.

Please, in your letters, emphasize the merit of the nominee’s life. How do they stand out against the crowd? Encourage others to write letters of support as well to build a more complete file. Nominations received after the preliminary selection process has ended will be considered with the next year’s nominations.

The Selection Process

Persons interested in making a nomination should write a letter of nomination to begin a candidate file for a potential honoree. However, a nomination is just the beginning. Fellow alumni, colleagues, and other contacts who can submit additional letters of support will help describe the impact that a nominee has had in their community (Distinguished Alumni) or on their students (Honored Faculty). All letters should emphasis the MERIT of the nominated person, not just declaration of their character or longevity with a company or school. Please describe their service, accomplishments, and lasting impact.

The Hall of Honor Student Steering Committee Leaders Council (student officers) begins a file review in January and early February to select the most complete files for consideration and selection. The more information provided about a candidate, the better these students can understand and appreciate their merit. The selection of the finalists is usually completed by the end of March.

A Selection Committee (composed of community, faculty, and student members) will review the finalists’ files and make a determination of the honoree(s) to be recognized in that year. This committee consists of persons who have no knowledge of the nominated persons -- they will base their votes on the information contained in the nomination files, this is why it’s important to have sufficient letters of support that fully describe the nominee’s qualifications of merit.

The honorees are notified in late March and early April. Installation ceremonies are a major element of Dedication Day, held at the end of April each year. The date for this year is Thursday, April 18, 2018.

Nomination files of those not yet selected remain active for 9 additional years until they are retired. Any person whose file has been retired may be “renominated” and the complete retired file will be brought back into consideration.

We thank those who make nominations, and we hope this explanation will motivate all interested persons to not only write a letter, but also reach out to others who can testify to the nominee’s accomplishments and impact on their community to show evidence of their merit.

To make a new nomination or add a letter of support to an existing nomination, please submit recommendations and letters of support using one of the following three options:

Email to Mrs. Debra Windham at:

Mail a letter/article/picture to:

Austin High Hall of Honor
Attn: Debra Windham
1715 West Cesar Chavez
Austin, TX 78703

Online submission form, click here: Google Form