Stephen F. Austin High School

Hall of Honor Student Steering Committee

Student Leadership is part of what makes Austin High and Dedication Day so special. It takes hard work and dedication from today’s Maroons to honor the past and ensure that Maroons of tomorrow know and value the traditions of Austin High.

Austin High School’s Hall of Honor Student Steering Committee exists to:

  1. Support and uphold the history and traditions of Austin High School, founded 1881, by serving as the steward and custodian of the Austin High School Hall of Honor, founded 1977.

  2. Seek out nominations for Distinguished Alumni and Honored Faculty for recognition in the Austin High School Hall of Honor.

  3. Conduct the annual process for student recognition in the Maroon Society.

  4. Conduct fundraising necessary to support the purposes of the organization.


HOH Steering Committee(General Membership)

The HOH Steering Committee is a student club with open, voluntary membership opportunities for all students. Students must meet academic requirements for extra-curricular activities. Attendance and activity requirements will be determined each year by the Advisor.

Each spring, students can sign up for the Hall of Honor Steering Committee and help solicit donations and fundraise for the Hall of Honor, as well as take part in the set-up and take-down of Dedication Day displays. This is a great way for any student who wants to learn more about Austin High’s rich history to take part in this special event.

Students in all grade levels may sign up to be on the Steering Committee. Look for announcements in January or contact Mrs. Debra Windham in room 303 or at

HOH Steering Committee Leaders Council (Club Officers) 

Leaders Council members work all year to collect and organize letters of support for alumni and former faculty who have been nominated for the Hall of Honor, evaluate files to select semi-finalists, prepare and give speeches at the Dedication Day Installation Ceremony & Grand Assembly, and provide staff advisors with student feedback.

Students in all grade levels may apply to be on the Leaders Council by submitting an application in person to Mrs. Windham in Room 303. The application can be found HERE. Applications for 2018-2019 leadership positions are due October 11, 2018.