Stephen F. Austin High School


ELL stands for “English Language Learners”. Our ELL program offers learning support strategies in English classes for students that have been identified as LEP (Limited English Proficiency). Students are identified after they complete a Home Language Survey when registering as a new student. If any language other than English is indicated on the form, then that student is given an Oral Language Proficiency Test and the reading portion of the ITBS test. After these tests are completed, an LPAC (Language Proficiency Assessment Committee) meeting is held to determine the level of intervention a student will receive. At the high school level, the majority of these interventions are provided in the student’s English course where the teacher is ESL (English as a Second Language) certified and trained to provide instructional strategies to help students acquire proficient use of the English language. If you have questions regarding the ELL program contact Aaron Vohl at or 512-414-7201.  Fore more information click here.