Stephen F. Austin High School

Class Rank Survey

From November 2014 through October 2015, the Austin High CAC conducted research regarding the benefits of not ranking students below the top 10 percent of the class. In October 2015, the Austin High CAC concluded that not ranking students in the bottom 90 percent of the class would benefit students at Austin High School. The CAC recommended a meeting with students, a series of parent meetings, and a survey. Five parent meetings were held between November 2015 and January 2016.

Austin High at the Regional Visual Arts Scholastic Event

A huge congratulations needs to go out to the AMAZING students who gave up their Saturday and participated in the Regional Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE) on February 20th in San Marcos! VASE is a huge event and is a UIL competition and we are so proud of how well our students at Austin High scored. Out of a total of 1665 total entries from 73 teachers in Region 13 South, 81 Students’ Art Submissions competed from Austin High School this past weekend. Students were interviewed one on one by a judge, engaging in a critical analysis of their process and work results.

Media Students Score Big

Hooray for Austin High, the only Austin school to make it to the big show! And with an entry in both the Narrative and Documentary categories! I really hope one of these productions brings home the title this year. I'm getting tired of second place!

Congrats goes out to Emily Potter, Khunal Parkash, Alex Trevino and Ben Root for their documentary,  "The Archer Hadley Story" which was produced last year but was still in post production and missed the deadline for last years contest. 


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