Stephen F. Austin High School

Multidisciplinary Studies

The Multiple Disciplinary endorsement allows for students to further study a foundation area or a wide range of curriculum sets.


Because of the broad nature of a multidisciplinary endorsement. students can choose from a wide variety of careers. If students are unsure of their career interests and wish to cross-study multiple subjects, they may want to consider the Multiple Disciplinary endorsement to guide course selection.


A student may earn a multidisciplinary studies endorsement by completing the requirements specified in the foundation plan, in addition to one of the following:

  • Pathway A: Take 4 advanced courses within 1 endorsement area or among endorsement areas that are not in a coherent sequence. The courses must prepare students to enter the workforce successfully or postsecondary
  • Pathway B: Take 4 credits in each of the 4 foundation subject areas to include English IV and chemistry and/pr physics.
  • Pathway C: Take 4 advanced placement or International Baccalaureate courses to include 1 credit in each of the 4 foundation subjects.