Stephen F. Austin High School

Distinguished Alumni

Each year deserving alumni are inducted into the Hall of Honor. For each honoree, a plaque with a photoengraving is placed permanently in the Hall of Honor, and he or she is presented the Gold Hall of Honor Medallion.  Any person who graduated ten or more years ago may be nominated. Below are outstanding Austin High alumni from 1881 to the present who have been inducted into the Austin High Hall of Honor.


Military Veterans of Austin High Class of 1881-1981 “They Served Their Country” (Inducted 1980)

Gerald “Jerry” Adams Class of 1956 FBI Agent, Humanitarian (Inducted 2009)

Terrell Allen Class of 1943 Assistant Executive Director Texas Motor Vehicle Commission (Inducted 2004)

Robert Landis “Bob” Armstrong Class of 1949 Attorney, Public Official, Environmentalist (Inducted 1990)

Charles N. “Buck” Avery Class of 1929 Attorney, Civic Leader (Inducted 1991)

Jimmy Banks Class of 1943 Author, Journalist (Inducted 1982)

Don Baylor Class of 1967 Professional Baseball Player (Inducted 1981)

Hon. Spurgeon E. Bell Class of 1925 Attorney, Judge, Legal Educator (Inducted 1985)

Captain John Earl Bergstrom Class of 1925 World War II Hero (Inducted 1997)

Nan Williams Bray Class of 1924 Civic Leader (Inducted 1987)

Dan Burck Class of 1951 Chancellor, University of Texas System (Inducted 2003)

Bowling “Bo” Byers Class of 1936 Professional Journalist (Inducted 1981)

Mary Elizabeth “Liz” Carpenter Class of 1938 Journalist, White House Staff Member (Inducted 1981)

George Christian Class of 1944 Political Advisor, Author, White House Staff Member (Inducted 1992)

Gary Clark, Jr. Class of 2002 Musician, Actor, Grammy Award Winner (Inducted 2015)

Texana Faulk Conn Class of 1935 Community Activist (Inducted 2004)

Idanell “Nellie” Brill Connally Class of 1935 First Lady of Texas (Inducted 2011)

Frank Cooksey Class of 1951 Mayor of Austin, Public Servant (Inducted 2001)

Clarke Covington Class of 1951 NASA Scientist (Inducted 1993)

Edmund P. Cravens Class of 1909 Banker, Financier, Civic Leader (Inducted 1983)

Ben Crenshaw Class of 1970 Professional Golfer (Inducted 1987)

Raymond Leonard “Ray” Culp, Jr. Class of 1959 Professional Baseball Player (Inducted 1980)

Will D. Davis, Sr. Class of 1948 Attorney, Civic Leader (Inducted 1990)

Jay Davis Class of 1960 Nuclear Physicist (Inducted 2006)

John M. Davis Class of 1959 Architect (Inducted 2012)

Mary Doerr Class of 1952 Acclaimed Artist (Inducted 2005)

Hon. Lloyd Doggett Class of 1964 Attorney, Associate Judge of Supreme Court of Texas, United States Representative (Inducted 1982)

Congressman Bob Eckhardt Class of 1929 Cartoonist, Congressman (Inducted 2003)

Dr. Martin Ettlinger Class of 1938 University Professor (Inducted 1999)

John Fainter Class of 1957 Public Servant (Inducted 1995)

Bibb Augustus Falk Class of 1916 University of Texas Baseball Coach (Inducted 1998)

John Henry Faulk Class of 1932 Humorist, Bill of Rights Leader (Inducted 1984)

Arthur E. Frankel, M.D. Class of 1965 Author, Research Scientist, Professor (Inducted 2016)

Dr. Joe Thorne Gilbert Class of 1922 Medical Doctor (Inducted 1999)

Eula Lee Gill Class of 1923 Fifty-Five Years as an Educator (Inducted 1988)

Jeff Gray Class of 1967 Civic Leader (Inducted 2009)

Shelby Reed Hearon Class of 1949 Novelist, Educator (Inducted 1991)

Loraine Barnes Hood Class of 1927 Award Winning Journalist (Inducted 2002)

Sammie F. Joseph Class of 1967 Community Leader, Businessman (Inducted 2010)

Connie Kirk Class of 1967 Professional Singer (Inducted 2000)

W. S. “Bud” Leonard Class of 1948 Vice Chancellor of Lamar University (Inducted 1988)

John Leeman “Red” Lewis, Jr., M.D. Class of 1948 Physician, Surgeon, Medical (Inducted 1988)

Verne Lundquist Class of 1958 Sportscaster (Inducted 1994)

Robert M. Martinez, Sr. Class of 1959-61 Austin Police Officer (Inducted 1993)

Dr. Octavio Martinez, Jr. Class of 1979 Psychiatrist, Executive Director of the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health (Inducted 2017)

Alvin Matthews Class of 1960 Professional Football Player (Inducted 2007)

Frank McBee Class of 1938 Engineer, Corporate Executive (Inducted 1981)

Sue Brandt McBee Class of 1940 Philanthropist, Preservationist, Civic Leader (Inducted 1986)

Jacquelyn McGee Class of 1946 Professional Educator (Inducted 1985)

Consuelo Herrera Mendez Class of 1923 Elementary School Teacher (Inducted 1994)

Kathleen Molesworth Class of 1914 Career Foreign Service Officer (Inducted 1989)

Ruth P. Morgan Class of 1952 Professor (Inducted 2010)

Neal Newberry Class of 1966 Austin Business Man, Civic Leader (Inducted 2008)

Alfred Ogletree Class of 1948 College Baseball Coach (Inducted 2003)

Charles R. Pelphrey, M.D. Class of 1935 Pathologist (Inducted 2014)

Harvey Penick Class of 1923 “The Father of Golf” in Austin (Inducted 1986)

Ben Procter, Ph. D. Class of 1944 Author, Historian, Professor (Inducted 1989)

Richard “Cactus” Pryor Class of 1942 Television and Radio Personality, Columnist, Emcee (Inducted 1992)

Louise Ballerstedt Raggio Class of 1936 Attorney, Reform Activist (Inducted 1998)

Hon. Paul B. Ragsdale Class of 1962 Texas House of Representatives 1973-1986 (Inducted 2014)

Mark Rose Class of 1971 Former Director of LCRA (Inducted 2000)

Scott Sayers Class of 1970 Austin Businessman, Civic Leader (Inducted 2007)

Robert Schenkkan, Jr. Class of 1971 Actor, Pulitzer Prize Winning Playwright (Inducted 1995)

Dr. John P. "Jack" Schneider, M.D. Class of 1944 Urologist, Medical Pioneer (Inducted 2012)

Zachary Scott Class of 1931 Stage and Motion Picture Actor (Inducted 1981)

Robert Evart Shelby Class of 1923 Television Technical Pioneer (Inducted 1984)

Harry E. Smith Class of 1946 Champlain College President (Inducted 2001)

Dr. Waneen Wyrick Spirduso Class of 1953 Kinesiologist, Educator (Inducted 2017)

Carole Keeton Strayhorn Class of 1957 Civic Leader, Former Mayor, Former Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts (Inducted 1981)

The Honorable Homer Thornberry Class of 1927 Public Official, Federal Judge (Inducted 1983)

John Kenneth Threadgill Class of 1927 Musician, Restaurateur (Inducted 1996)

Judge Mace Baxter Thurman, Jr. Class of 1934 State District Court Judge (Inducted 1997)

Mollie Gregory Tower Class of 1963 AISD Teacher, AISD Music Coordinator, Author (Inducted 2014)

Carlos Valdez Class of 1947 Philanthropist, Mentor (Inducted 2016)

Mary Pearl Williams Class of 1944 Judge, Community Leader (Inducted 1996)

Robin Wilson Class of 1987 Entrepreneur, Author, Motivational Speaker (Inducted 2013)

Delano Womack Class of 1952 Founding Member of The AHS Continuing Education Foundation (Inducted 2011)

Robert Bruce Ybarra Class of 1988 Air Force Officer (Inducted 2015)

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