Stephen F. Austin High School

Continuing Education Foundation Awards Scholarships

The Stephen F. Austin High School Continuing Education Foundation has selected 20 Austin High Seniors to receive scholarships for $2,000 each. This brings to total scholarships awarded by the foundation to $230,500.

Where does this money come from? It comes from the Austin High Motto of LOYAL FOREVER...It comes from AHS Alums during their reunions. It came from Ben Crenshaw's "Putting Like a Master" fundraiser. It came from Tennis Tournaments. It came from donations made in honor of someone. It comes from Amplify Austin's "I Live Here I Give Here" campaign. It comes from Texas Hold 'Em Poker Tournaments. It comes from the community of Austin High. Loyal Forever!

2016 Student Scholarship Recepients:

  • Yunuen (Sadira) Alvardo
  • Anna Arocha
  • Hannah Bailey
  • Diana Chavez
  • Samantha Edwards
  • Diana Garcia Gomez
  • Eli Lopez Gamas
  • Monica Magallanes
  • Lulu Maji
  • Ines Malti
  • Valentin Mendez
  • Anna Oliveros Parra
  • Brianca Osborne
  • Jennifer Padron
  • Jessica Saenz
  • Jenifer Sanchez
  • Opelia Sunn
  • Alicia Veliz
  • Estrella Villafuerte
  • Alexandria (Zana) Zeober